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Vehicle-generated insights for any section of road, any time period, instantly.

billions of data points for faster, better project outcomes.

Our cloud-connected vehicle insights provide unmatched visibility across transport projects, new capabilities for building use cases, and improved outcomes for stakeholders.

The Compass IoT platform's newest version of the charts.

Road Intelligence

Friction loss on the road network as seen on the Road Intelligence platform.

friction loss

Understand where friction loss happens and how this impacts surrounding roads.

Near miss incidents as shown on the road intelligence platform.

road safety and near-misses

Understand where drivers are hard braking or swerving, and profile risk.

An origin-destination study on the road intelligence platform.


Understand travel times, trip distribution, travel routes, speed, and hourly volumes.

Pavement quality depicted in the road intelligence platform.

Pavement quality

Understand asset maintenance and changes to road surface deterioration.

Intersection analysis as shown in the road intelligence platform.

Intersection Analysis

View the level of service and queue lengths in the new intersection analysis tool.

Abstract, purple swirls.

Why Compass Road intelligence?

Solve more complex problems, faster

Get better visibility over projects and access datasets that enable you to solve unique problems that traditional hardware-reliant methods can't, including freight, road safety, and asset maintenance use cases, at scale.

Make more informed, collaborative decisions

Our passive vehicle-generated insights enable you to make decisions that are backed by data. Access billions of data points, for every road, instantly and share them with other Compass users.

Unique data sets


Braking and Steering



Roll, pitch, yaw

Location and Travel Time



Make and model

More to come

Use Cases

Rat running data converted into a visual depiction of all the trips.

Rat Runs

A council used origin-destination data to understand rat-running in residential areas, and what percentage of drivers were bypassing arterial roads.

Millions of lines which represent the trips made by the numerous amount of freight vehicles in Queensland.

Freight modelling

Compass IOT was asked to select vehicle makes/models that were either prime movers or goods and services to understand freight movements.

The train level crossing at Ben Bullen.

train level crossings

By Using Compass, a university analysed driver behaviour entering or near the crossings by looking at g-forces, braking, accelerating, and swerving behaviour

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