Vote for us in the 4th Annual Australasian Start Up Awards! Voting closes November 15th.

Vote for us in the 4th Annual Australasian Start Up Awards! Voting closes November 15th.

View traffic data on any road, anywhere in Australia, for any time period, instantly.

Our digital transport management platform informs government operational planning and decision making by displaying multiple, complex assets in simple, usable visualisations

Real Time Traffic Visualisation

Monitor the traffic network in real time with anomalies and congestion analysis

Analytics Dashboard

See traffic congestion modal split and vehicular direction for any time period in the network.

Infrastructure Planning Tool

Be able to test traffic generation for new developments.

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Real time analysis

Map tiles of all data streams, public and private, are displayed on the platform in real-time. This allow transport operators to effectively make operational decisions to improve the performance of the network, act on emergency incidents, and reroute critical assets.

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Analytics Platform

The analytics dashboard outlines numerical insights of the sections highlighted and isolated by its user. It includes utilisation by vehicle type in passenger per minute, space usage per vehicle type, average route time by mode, destination and orgin heatmapping, aggregate demand and estimated capacity.

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Infrastructure Planning Tool

The Infrastructure Planning Tool allows the operator to virtually create hypothetical stations on roads, metro, or rail extensions With this tool, operators can create hyptothetical built in changes to the network and test the aggregate demand and the outcomes of the surrounding existing network using the tool.

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