case study

Origin-Destination for Freight

A study outlining the origin and destination of 20 million Commercial vehicles trips across southeast Queensland.

When it comes to goods/services and freight vehicles using the road network, there is not a lot to know other than economic data. Transport authorities wanted to further their understanding of these vehicles so that they can understand how the road network is being used and how it can be used better in the future.

The current way to understand freight vehicle movement is by using a combination of tube counts, and economic and production data. Unfortunately, this data doesn't show which routes were taken, the travel time and distance as well as where they start, end, and if they take any stops along the way.

Compass IoT first selected vehicles by make/model and made sure they were either prime movers or worked with goods and services and then analysed their movements within 79 zones in South-East Queensland. This included areas like Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan and the Sunshine Coast.

All individual trips of commercial vehicles travelling through South-East Queensland.

Using connected vehicular data, transport authorities were able to look at travel times, and distances. The data also accounted for when drivers stopped and routes.

Use cases

How our customers are using Connected Vehicle data

Applications of vehicle-generated data for use cases across state-wide freight modelling, origin-destination studies, VMS signage effectiveness, road safety, and local area traffic management.

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