Compass IoT Wins Google Cloud Cross-Industry Customer Award

Compass IoT Wins Google Cloud Cross-Industry Customer Award

Compass IoT software recognised for cross-industry growth and innovation excellence

SYDNEY, Australia – June 15, 2022 – Compass IoT today announced that it has received a Google Cloud Cross-Industry Customer Award for its rapid growth, innovation, and contributions to road safety and Smart Cities, facilitated by Google cloud technology.

Compass IoT was 1 of 11 organisations in the Cross-Industry category, globally recognised for having inspired and demonstrated growth as they build secure solutions in the cloud.

The award has solidified Compass IoT’s position as an industry leader in Road Intelligence. In particular, Compass’ data analysis of thousands of vehicles found a 50% deterioration in road rideability in Lismore and Northern NSW after widespread flooding damaged the road networks. The company’s data also enabled Transurban to halve the number of crashes on one of Sydney’s busiest roads.

“It’s important for us to understand how vehicles behave and interact with different parts of our roads so we can make them safer and better optimised, while removing complexity for transport professionals” said Emily Bobis, Co-founder of Compass IoT. “We have empirical insights into Australia's entire road network in real-time, with no hardware deployments. That's made possible by the autoscaling and unmatched Google Cloud data processing.”

Compass IoT has doubled the number of cars in its dataset every year, from 200,000 in 2018 to more than 1.5 million today, enabling users to view traffic data for any road across Australia, instantly.

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About Compass IoT

Compass IoT is a multi-award-winning Road Intelligence company based in Sydney, Australia. Compass creates software tools with Connected Vehicle data to help transport professionals build better, safer cities. With unparalleled data capabilities and Google Cloud technology, Compass IoT’s software has enabled state governments, local governments, research organisations, private road operators and consultancies to realise better road safety and infrastructure project outcomes for local communities and stakeholders.

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