Freight Data Industry Insight Released

Freight Data Industry Insight Released

Compass IoT has released a new Industry Insight following August’s National User group webinar, Understanding applications of Connected Vehicle data for freight.’

The use case presentations and subsequent discussions were moderated by David Lillo-Trynes, the partnership manager at Compass IoT, and featured presentations from the following technical presenters:

  • Florentina Mihai — Manager Route Planning, Main Roads WA
  • Jay Pigot – Manager Network Evaluation and Insight, Transport Main Roads QLD

Key takeaways from the group included the role vehicle-generated data is and will play in providing new methods of analysis and insight into freight use cases, the importance of data literacy and trust building, and methods for calibrating datasets to understand applications and appropriate methods of integration.

With local examples of heavy vehicle movement data, evaluation of programs and treatments, risk assessment, research applications, and planning analysis, the webinar provided areas for further discussion and research as we continue to explore applications of vehicle-generated data across different transport contexts.

View the ‘Understanding applications of Connected Vehicle data for freight. Industry Insight here.

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