MVP Grant

Compass NSW MVP grant feature

Compass IoT dubbed 'Start-up Success Story' by NSW Government

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Addressing road safety: using connected vehicle data to reduce speed-related trauma

This white paper discusses the need for speed data contiguity and increased reliability, so that robust initiatives can be implemented on our roads.

System Update
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Compass introduces integrated support

We've made it even easier to get support when you need it.

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University of Queensland study measuring traffic flow and density

New research from UQ presents novel approach to traffic flow and density

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Compass's inclusion of a 9-5 support line, 5 days a week

System Update to Compass IoT

Compass's launches a 9-5 support line, 5 days a week

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Compass IoT's Speed Data verified to be 99% - 100% accurate

A new independent traffic assessment by Nick at NK Traffic Consultants has verified that Compass IoT's traffic speed counts

COVID Impact
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Commuting when public transport isn’t built for COVID-19

In a world that wasn't built for social distancing, is it even possible to do something as simple as commute to work safely?

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New (im)mobility: Can we avoid the private car revenge?

Mobility operators and public leaders must anticipate a post-pandemic shift to single-occupancy vehicle use, and act before urban transportation locks us down again.

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Compass joins the ranks of Incubate in University of Sydney startup!

Foot on the accelerator: Compass IoT accepted into University of Sydney's startup program.

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