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Traffic Impact Surveys: Why do they matter?

For the first episode of our Byte Size podcast, we sat down with Nick Karahlis, the owner of Sydney - based traffic consultancy NK Traffic to discuss all things related to Traffic Impact Surveys: What are the challenges engineers face ? What are the misconceptions ?

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Compass IoT wins University of Sydney Student Innovation Prize

Our team took home the top prize at the University of Sydney Startup Innovation Prize 2020.

System Update
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Search feature added to Compass IoT Analytics Plaform

Search function is now live in our platform for all users

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How to stop the decline of public transport in rich countries

Passenger numbers are flat or falling in almost every American metropolis.

MVP Grant
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Compass NSW MVP grant feature

Compass IoT dubbed 'Start-up Success Story' by NSW Government

Expression of Interest
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Got a transport topic or project you're passionate about? We want to hear from you! 📞

We're on the lookout for speakers wanting to share their insights on transport.

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iMove, Travel Activity and Working From Home during COVID

This project tracks the travel activity and positions in relation to Working from Home (WFH) caused by the COVID-19 impact.

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Transportation group NZ conference recap

Rachel Kohan: A young traffic & transport professional’s reflections from a NZ conference.

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Does your city need more parking, or just better maps?

Provo, Utah, had a parking problem— or so drivers in the downtown area thought.

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