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Quincy Hall

Quincy Hall

Cultural Infusion

Diversity Atlas, Product Manager

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Tell us about yourself

After three decades in the arts and events sector both in the corporate and public realms, one thing I learned is now becoming widely, if not belatedly, apparent:  diversity improves things.  In 2021 I began working at Cultural Infusion to deploy Diversity Atlas, a world-first cultural diversity mapping, measurement and analysis platform.  It's a dream job.  I live in Colac, Victoria, with my partner and three kids, I sing in a punk band and barrack for Richmond FC.

What are the top 3 trends in your transport/smart city niche that everyone should look out for in the next 5 years?

We are coming at this through the lens of inclusion and cultural diversity.

  • Accommodations for cultural differences in accessibility.  
  • Accommodations for any parameter of difference, cultural or not, in accessibility.  
  • Representative bodies to not just represent, but reflect the community.

How do you/your organisation innovate?

Diversity Atlas is a world-first diversity mapping platform.  Containing 45,000 fields of cultural data (eg: almost 9,000 cultural groups are listed, and in excess of 11,000 speech communities), Diversity Atlas offers (among many other features) the ability to measure diversity within any cohort (called 'Diversity Index') and also measure the cohort's level of mutuality to the people they serve or represent (called 'Mutuality Index').  The analysis provided offers organisations the chance to create meaningful diversity programs both internally and externally.  It answers the question:  "Who are we?"

Why is encouraging innovation, new ideas, and tech important?

Diversity (if fostered appropriately) across various metrics whether they be religious, cultural, gender, linguistic or a host of other markers, according to study after study (including our own), results in greater productivity, creativity, inclusion and even profits.  Groups of culturally homogenous decision-makers and thinkers tend to produce narrow, less inclusive concepts.  

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