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Konrad Dąbrowski

Konrad Dąbrowski

Carrefour Poland

Transport Manager

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Tell us about yourself

A lawyer, football enthusiast, and lover of Slovakia. In my daily work, I manage transport at Carrefour Poland, effectively combining operations, finance, and customer collaboration. I always strive for the highest results, focusing on strong team collaboration, as individuals participate in the game, but teams overcome adversity. If you want to get to know my modern view on transport, law, and football, I invite you to my personal LinkedIn profile.

What are the top 3 trends in your transport/smart city niche that everyone should look out for in the next 5 years?

AI and Machine Learning: This transformative technology is making its mark on smaller commercial vehicle transportation too. Consider retail food logistics, where AI can predict consumer demand patterns, optimizing distribution schedules, and reducing food waste. In Europe and Australia, companies have started to leverage AI to optimize urban delivery routes, taking into account time of day, traffic patterns, and even parking availability. This is particularly relevant in Poland, where many cities are historical and complex to navigate, making AI optimization crucial.

Sustainable and Green Solutions: Countries across Europe, including Poland, are making strides towards sustainable transport solutions. Electric or hybrid delivery vans are becoming a common sight, particularly in urban areas. This is in parallel to Australia's push towards greener options in urban logistics, with investment in electric vehicle infrastructure. Within retail food logistics, sustainable packaging and reduced carbon footprints are emerging trends as companies strive to meet consumer demand for environmentally-friendly solutions.

Digitization and Blockchain: Digital solutions are reshaping transport and logistics globally. Poland and Australia are no exception, both countries have seen companies digitizing processes, from order placements to tracking and delivery. Particularly in the retail food sector, blockchain technology is providing a new level of transparency. From a farm in rural Poland to a supermarket in Sydney, customers can trace the entire journey of their food. This is not just about quality assurance and food safety; it's about meeting consumers' demand for transparency and accountability.While trends might evolve differently in Australia and Poland due to local factors, the broader forces of AI, sustainability, and digitization are undeniably shaping transport and logistics worldwide, making it an exciting field to watch in the coming years.

How do you/your company innovate?

At Carrefour, we believe that innovation is key to maintaining our competitive edge and continuously improving our services and operations. Our main innovation strategy involves embracing and integrating emerging technologies such as AI across our branches worldwide.

For instance, Carrefour France recently rolled out three transformative solutions based on OpenAI's GPT-4 technology, a model known as ChatGPT. The first is a customer-focused chatbot named Hopla, integrated into our French website, which helps customers navigate their shopping journey more efficiently. Hopla can provide personalised product recommendations based on a customer's budget, dietary constraints, or even meal ideas, thereby enriching the online shopping experience.

Furthermore, we have utilised AI to enhance the description sheets for our products. To date, we've enriched more than 2,000 online product descriptions, providing our customers with comprehensive and engaging product information. Our ultimate goal is to expand this AI-enhanced approach to all our product descriptions.

Lastly, we've initiated the use of generative AI to optimise our internal purchasing processes. This application assists with everyday tasks such as drafting tender invitations and analysing quotes, increasing operational efficiency in our purchasing department.

These innovative solutions are indicative of Carrefour's forward-thinking approach. We constantly strive to remain ahead of the curve by integrating the latest technologies to provide better services to our customers and enhance our operational efficiency. In the words of Alexandre Bompard, CEO of the Carrefour Group, "By pioneering the use of generative AI, we aim to stay one step ahead and invent the retail of tomorrow." This mindset is at the heart of our innovation strategy at Carrefour, where we actively pursue the potential of emerging technologies to revolutionise retail.

Why is encouraging innovation, new ideas, and tech important?

Encouraging innovation, new ideas, and technology is of paramount importance for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Competitive Advantage - Innovation is often what distinguishes companies within a competitive market. It can result in improved products, services, or processes, giving an organization an edge over its competitors.
  2. Efficiency and Productivity - New technologies and ideas can significantly enhance operational efficiency and workforce productivity. They can simplify complex processes, reduce time and effort, and enable better resource management.
  3. Customer Satisfaction - Innovation often leads to enhanced customer satisfaction. By developing new and improved products or services, businesses can meet and exceed customer expectations, resulting in increased customer loyalty and long-term success.
  4. Sustainable Growth - Innovation fosters sustainable growth. By continuously adapting and evolving, businesses can better navigate market changes, tackle new challenges, and seize emerging opportunities
  5. Attracting Talent - Innovative companies attract top talent. Skilled individuals are often drawn to organizations that prioritize innovation and offer opportunities for creative problem-solving and growth.
  6. Social Impact - Finally, innovation can lead to significant social impact. Many of the world's most pressing problems have been alleviated or solved through innovative ideas and technologies

In summary, fostering an environment of innovation is not just beneficial - it's critical for any organization that wants to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

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