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Eng Hwa Lim

Eng Hwa Lim

Transport Coordinator

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Tell us about you, and your career journey?

An experienced engineering professional with 30 years’ experience in both consultancy and public sector.  Besides my recent experience in Australia for the past 6 years, I had previously worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

In your opinion, what are the top 3 trends in your transport industry niche that everybody should look out for in the next 5 years?

a. Intelligent transport systems including automated traffic control, electric and self driving vehicles
b. Advances in technology which improve data gathering, data analysis and data dissemination more efficiently and at lower costs
c. Non-engineering approaches to improvement of road safety for all road users

How does your company innovate?

Where I work, we collaborate and look for opportunities to improve efficiency and the effectiveness of our daily work. This can be done through the application of advances in technology as mentioned above.

Why is encouraging innovation, new ideas, and applying new technology (particularly within the transport sector) important?

The answer is inter-related to the answers above. For example in terms of traffic data gathering, we currently rely on tube counts where in the near future, we could rely on data collected from Connected Automated Vehicles which will save time and costs.

Further innovations and application of new technology can result in the creation of a single dashboard can be created to monitor all the transport data and projects.

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