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Danya Mullins

Danya Mullins


Associate Principal and Transport Planning Team Leader WA

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Tell us about yourself

I lead a team of 17 transport planners and engineers in Perth WA. I am passionate at improving transport and land use integration in order to give people more transport choice. My qualifications are in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning - a great combination for planning how people move in cities and places. I have a developing interest in Freight and Logistics - leading this pillar in Arup's transport planning business in Australasia. I am involved in transport sector projects from pre-feasibility to delivery and have around 20 years of experience.

What are the top 3 trends in your transport/smart city niche that everyone should look out for in the next 5 years?

There is emerging technology and and the rise of micromobility but fundamentally we should look more at greater transport and land use integration and designing transport systems and places for people of all ages and abilities.

How do you/your company innovate?

We look for this opportunities regularly with the type of work we pursue. This includes challenging our clients which means we have to be selective to the type of clients we work with and whether they are receptive to new ideas (methods of working or outcomes).

Why is encouraging innovation, new ideas, and tech important?

There is growing recognition of the need for the transport sector to help cities/ regions/ countries reach net zero. We won't reach net zero using the same predict and provide transport modelling and forecasting approaches and inducing demand by building more road space. We can't build our way out and must innovate.

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