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Branden Dekenah

Branden Dekenah


Managing Director

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Tellus about you, and your career journey?

I Programmed my first computer in late 1970’s and the excitement of being able to control machines and systems has never left me. I started my career as an electrical engineer, initially as a design and support technician on a locally produced programmable logic controller (used in traffic management) but quickly migrated to my first love, software development. This base gave me the opportunity to work globally in complex systems including automated fare collection, SCADA and transport management (ITS). Over the years I have become more business focussed and I currently lead a Perth based software consulting company, helping our customers innovate and solve tough problems.

In your opinion, what are the top 3 trends in your transport industry niche that everybody should look out for in the next 5 years?

1.     Artificial intelligence and machine learning: The continued increase in computer power at a (relative) lower cost and the accessibility of that technology through the cloud is proving to be an incredible enabler. The trick of course is getting the right data at the right time, but the future of safety and efficiency will be inextricably linked to advances in this technology.

2.     Unmanned Vehicles: Five years may be an early call but there is no doubt there will be significant advances in driverless (or self-driving) trucks, trains and drones. The key blockers here are not related to the technology as much as regulation, and integration with the existing (manned) environment.

3.     Logistics innovation: Further on the automation trend, the ability to know where everything is in real time and how much transport capacity remains, will allow for new commercial models and transport efficiencies. This will be enabled by connected IoT sensors (providing location and status) coupled with blockchain, to ensure accuracy and trust though the supply chain.

How Does your company innovate?

As a consultancy, we help our clients innovate. There is no single answer, but it generally involves:

- Helping our clients look at the problem from different angle. Not being knee deep in the weeds allows us to take a big picture view, try patterns from other industries and ask “why not?”. Our Innovation tends to be incremental or disruptive, as expected of the technology dimension of innovation.

- Introducing concepts in innovation and “product” development, such as agile processes and thinking, minimum viable product, rapid feedback, iterating and pivoting.

- Utilising technology in helping to innovate and solve the problem. There are other forms of innovation (like process innovation) that don’t necessarily involve technology, but our advice is unashamedly in the data, software and technical systems space.

Why Is encouraging innovation, new ideas, and applying new technology (particularly within the transport sector) important?

Established domains, like transport, tend to take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. And there is good reason for that, based on risks related to safety and the cost of change (both capital and opportunity costs). But pretty much every domain is now being affected by the advances in and uses of technology. And you would rather cannibalise your own domain than be disrupted by something from left field that no one saw coming. Hence, it is important to continue to test the held beliefs and always be curious – and embracing innovation and the advances in technology is key to this.

Website: https://interfuze.com.au

Company LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/interfuze-consulting/

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