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Contraflow and the Impacts of Construction Sites

How to use connected vehicle data to identify contraflow and effects of construction sites. This use case can be applied to both local traffic area management and road safety.

TfNSW’s pavement team for Regional and Outer Metro (ROM) wanted to understand the impact of contraflow on the Hume Highway in both directions. Traffic was being redirected to let workers replace a section of the road.

The client was interested in:

  • Travel time
  • Speeds
  • Swerving
  • Braking
  • Queue lengths

They also wanted four questions answered:

  • Is the traffic management plan being adhered to?
  • Are workers safe at the construction site?
  • How long is the queue at either end of the contraflow?
  • What is the difference in speed under normal circumstances and during contraflow conditions?

Using the Road Intelligence platform, the visuals instantly show vehicles changing lanes where the construction starts and then back to their original lane where construction zone ends. The data also showed the impacts on average travel time, speed, and queueing.

  • Average travel time increased
  • Average speed decreased and
  • The queueing increased to 31.23%.
Decrease in average speed from 77-79 km/h to 50km/h when contraflow was introduced.
Percentage queuing and average travel time increased when the contraflow was introduced.

Data also showed the contraflow had a clear impact during the times it was active (i.e. 11am-7pm).

Graph showing the impact of the contraflow on average travel time. Average travel time increased dramatically during times that the contraflow is active.
Graph showing the impact of the contraflow on average speed. Average speed decreased during times that the contraflow is active.
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