Case study

Identifying Pinch Points

Analysing the Heathcote Road Bridge to find pressure points in the road network.

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Map view of Cahill Expressway, Sydney.


The Heathcote Road Bridge over Woronora River was seen as high risk because of the narrow lane width. A study was done to analyse how motorists interacted with that specific section of road. This study was also done to see if any updates should be done to the bridge to better safety and driving experience.


Using connected vehicle data, users of Compass IoT can determine safety by analysing driver behaviour. G-forces, braking and accelerating were used to identify what happens on the bridge and therefore if there were any instances of danger.
Street view of Castlereagh Highway southbound in Ben Bullen before the train level crossing.


The results found that vehicles approaching the bridge would slow down and then speed up as they exited. Along with those actions, empirical data showed that the vehicles were braking at a sudden enough level that indicated abnormal actions.
A graph showing g-forces felt by drivers on the bridge. Evidence shows high forces.
Graph showing high forces in speeding and braking on the bridge.
Graph showing general g-forces on the bridge going the other way. There are a handful of high forces felt by drivers.
Graphical evidence of some high forces felt with drivers braking and accelerating.
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