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Compass helps transport operators, councils, infrastructure project managers, and research organisations:

who we help


The continued and sustained focus on improving cities, states, and countries depends on the accurate collection and utilisation of data.

We help government bodies and institutions at all levels to facilitate more sustainable cities.

Through better data collation and analytics, existing data can be used to better allocate resources and identify under-performing assets within and between networks.

Track historical data sets and
anomalies for predictive mapping

Pinpoint specific geographical
locations to improve

Access to real-time snapshot
of resource utilisation

who we help


Transport networks across communities and cities require continual upgrades, maintenance, and management.

As demand for these networks increases, individual networks and intermodal travel becomes congested.

Through data analytics and predictive AI, we help transport operators identify activity hotspots.

We help them identify switching points where users change from one mode of transport to another and to improve efficiency to existing networks, as well as better plan network expansions.

Track different modes of
transport across network

Identify and predict
intermodal congestion

Manage system and
per-unit capacity in real-time

who we help


Rapid urbanisation creates constant changes and challenges on city planning.

It is important for city planners to have a wholesome view of the demand and supply of the network capacity, to better understand the movement of people around the city.

By utilising the latest technologies in AI, our platform is able to show multiple data resources all in one place, including the demand and supply of network capacity, allowing planners to improve the utilisation of existing resource and enhance route planning.

Improve resource
utilisation within transport infrastructure

Effective route
planning for operators

Aggregate demand &
supply network capacity