Through our work we aim to contribute to 3 of the UN Global Sustainability Goals:

Goal #9

INDUSTRY and Innovation

Whats the Problem?

Efficient transportation requires constant renewal, growth, and innovation to ensure communities have efficient access to infrastructure as they expand. Areas of the network are underutilised and have a lack of easily-communitable qualitative data avaliable. This data helps policy makers make optimal and well-informed decisions.

How are solving this?

We believe a better understanding of how data analytics can help build better infrastructure is crucial to the development and innovation. We work with government bodies and private institutions to help them take back control over their assets, providing tools to generate more innovative long-term solutions.

Goal #11


Whats the Problem?

According to the United Nations, it is estimated that by 2030, over 5 billion people will be living in cities. Currently, over half of the worlds population inhabit cities - they enable socioeconomic advantage for individuals and businesses. However, urban migration to cities has created more inner-city congestion and placed greater strain on infrastructure.

How are solving this?

Our platform provides businesses and institutions the ability to keep up with increasing demand and pressure on infrastructure. Predictive machine learning helps users to identify potential under- or over-utilisation of resources. We work with city planners to generate more efficient resource utilisation to better predict and cope with fluctuations in population and demand.

Goal #17


Whats the Problem?

In 2017, official development assistance for projects decreased from the year prior. Successful schemes often rely on both public and private organisations to work together to generate transformative solutions and mobilise finance for schemes. A decrease in funding and cooperation between public and private spheres may have negative impacts for wider communities

How are solving this?

We reach out to a range of public and private institutions and organisation bodies. Working together, data analytics provides insight into how to best tackle infrastructure and planning deficiencies. Our team is always seeking out new domestic and international partners to work towards sustainable cities.